Fibromyalgia Documentation



Fibromyalgia FM is a rheumatologic syndrome recognized as a disease state by the American College of Rheumatology. FM is a diagnosis defined by a specific set of criteria, but is often accompanied by disbelief, lack of recognition. Persons suffering from FM can experience difficulty for their FM, and denied treatment, disability.


Diagnostic Criteria Fibromyalgia

As an answer to this lack of acceptance, MMT NeuroTech now provides the MMT FM.Scan. The purpose of the FM.Scan is not to diagnose or treat FM. The FM.Scan is a way to provide the first objective, graphic, visual documentation of the presence of Fibromyalgia. The FM.Scan uses changes in the brain, shown by structural and functional neuroimaging, to validate your experience with FM.
MMT NeuroTech also provides resources for diagnosis and treatment of FM.

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